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Born and raised in Frederick, I graduated from Governor Thomas Johnson High School in 1991. In 1992, I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and faithfully honored my service for 13 years with an Honorable discharge in 2005. I returned to Frederick in 2007 as I finished my Bachelor's Degree in San Diego, CA. Approximately a year after that, I enrolled at The Johns Hopkins University, where I graduated with a Master's Degree in 2009. From an early teen years, I always had an interest in the arts dimension, I just wouldn't know that would lead me to photography until 1999, when I was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and subsequently with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit and 1st Marine Division. In September 2009, I made the jump from hobby to professional. That was not an easy transition, but the Professional Photographer's Association and mentors have made that journey enjoyable and productive. The Marine Corps afforded me the opportunity to photograph many locations with most of the photography determined classified at the time. Without the early mentor ship I received from Marine Corps and Navy photographers, my cultivation would have remained a hobby. To this day, I still have their mentor ship and guidance, as well as many other photographers to lean on and partner with. Each photographer determines their style early on in their interest. While in Cuba, I learned more landscape and journalistic style having photographed interests from as high as 5,000 feet in a helicopter to cross-border meetings with Cuban leadership. The intelligence field afforded me the opportunity to work with combat photographers and public affairs specialists; providing input and gaining feedback with collection with surveillance photography. I believe a passion remains a passion, no matter what the genre of photography may be. I still believe in journalistic and portrait photography to be my strength and passion. I believe my photographs capture the essence of life, one shot at a time. Finally, while my passion are portrait, I will always be out there with a camera capturing things I see outside of a studio or location shoot. That passion will always drive me and push me to move outside the lines; get outside that comfort zone. I need to be challenged and look forward to most ideas. I have a wife and two children; Katalina, born in February of 2012, and Garth the II, born in May of 2014. Thank you for your time and patience.

Election Season….again!

Every two years, there will always be an election.  I have always been excited about those, but this upcoming election…. eh, I am not sure I am so excited.  I sit back and think I want to sit this one out and not get involved.  For the past 7 years, I have donated my services to a specific party.  I no longer belong to that party, but I still support some of their candidates.  Advice from other photographers is that I should stay away from politics because it ruins business.  I do not believe you can get away from politics and the division that it has caused since 2008.  (It’s not getting better!) Continue reading Election Season….again!

Professional Courtesy

In a business of entertainment and art, it is difficult to know who truly has your best interests at heart.  You meet someone through networking who appears to have their stuff together because their portfolio looks good, could be a predator.  You see someone in passing and you want to introduce yourself for a potential model, but they probably see you as someone trying to hit on them, especially if they have not been a model nor ever thought about it.  There is no real equation that allows two people to come together and collaborate on beautiful art.

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Model Release (Forms, Come on!)

If you’ve followed my two previous posts, I may assume you have a desire to dabble a bit in portrait photography.  What makes a better model than family, right?  Not so much.  Try taking a non-cooperative 3 year old and sitting him in front of a camera and explain emotion.  “Sit here, move your chin up, but don’t move your neck. Now, turn your body at a 45 degree angle, back straight, lean forward a bit and now give me your ‘Magnum’ look!” Don’t MOVE!!!!  Get back here Mister!  Yeah, who hasn’t had that nightmare.  “Daddy, I just want to watch cartoons!”  Uh huh…

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Focus – Frame – Breathe – Click

You’ve got your new camera. That is great news. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to do what everyone else does and use Auto? Or, do you actually want to learn what all the settings are about. (Yes, there may be some homework involved with this post!).

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Choices About Cameras

How did I know Canon was the right camera for me?  How does one choose the right camera?  Well, we all have a friend who prefers one brand over another brand, but do they truly know why they chose that camera?  Most of us do not, but we know what works for us or we adapt to what we have begun to invest in.

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To Competition Or Not to Competition

I have been a member of Professional Photographer’s Association (PPA) since 2009.  Every year comes and goes with no entrance to any of the competitions.  What held me back?  I am not truly sure what held me back, but all I know is every year I missed the deadline and almost missed it this year due to complications with loading my images.

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To New Adventures; Not in Babysitting

Talk about a weekend of comfort zones. I do not believe I have been comfortable all weekend. It all started with Walter Olson and the artist challenge on Facebook. Then, I started a remodeling project based on ideas from Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. Darn you HGTV!

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