To New Adventures; Not in Babysitting

Talk about a weekend of comfort zones. I do not believe I have been comfortable all weekend. It all started with Walter Olson and the artist challenge on Facebook. Then, I started a remodeling project based on ideas from Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. Darn you HGTV!

This weekend, I succumbed to taking newborn photos for the first time. An adventure ensued…

What did I learn this weekend about newborn photography, patience – lots of patience. My wife has loads of it, but not me. I don’t want to take away from the experience by undermining the genre or any reflection on the family or children, but it really is difficult.

If you question why photographers charge so much for a session, just accompany a new mom on her newborn photography excursion. The outcome definitely outweighs the pursuit.

The entire time, I think I doubted myself and my abilities to capture what the mom wanted, but then my wife stepped in and wow! She made the entire shoot possible. Idea after idea and comforting the little man. I would have thought we gained another child.

I was getting my feet wet with this very first shot or look. Lauren brought a crate with some props in them. Gifts people provided, no doubt from a shower. She was ready to rock this shoot. Thank God, because I had nothing to offer for props.

Now, my remodeling project actually came in handy for this shoot as the new Timberwall I am installing provided a great backdrop and our bedroom provided some nice natural light.

This little guy is so adorable, but he was such a mover. We couldn’t tell if he was hungry or just squirmy. He would not go to sleep for anything. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t look at me when I called his name. (That is a joke!)

It was about this time when my wife really got her hands dirty and arranged the setup for me.  Little man kept bringing his arms out from the blanket. I had to stand on both sides of the blanket.

This shot below, was my artistic masterpiece. (Not really, but it was another first for me as I am not an artist.)  But, it is a cute shot, right?!

So, while newborn photography is not my genre or specialty, this was fun because I was out of my comfort zone. I don’t like to be out of it because it puts a lot of pressure on me to succeed, but momma is happy with her photos and that is ALL that matters!

What’s next?


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