Comp Time Earned; Time for a Drink

Rush jobs never end well. But, with friends in low places, sorry Brooks to borrow, I think this shoot ended fairly well. Just know the description of the shoot is no reflection on the people, just the timing.

Again, and many thanks, to my talented friends Ronald Layman (The Faux School) and Sarah Callan (Makeup Artist), the night went well. Alexa needed a comp card made for her audition at NY Fashion Week. She had very few photos from other photographers.

We set this up with two days prior to her audition. And the rest is history. (Perhaps I should write this after we learn of her selection.)

The headshot is crucial to the resume. The is the first impression the evaluators or judges will see before the audition begins. That would be the very first part of the resume. The second side is a series of images to display the versatility of the model.

It is wise to tailor the comp card specifically for the audition. Fashion week, one may want some fashion or editorial shots. Acting, one may want some commercial and portrait work.

So, we went with a few closeup shots and a couple full length shots to show height.

All the above images except the top middle are mine. The image in the middle is credited to Mark Enriquez. As you can see Alexa is a very focused woman and likes her serious face, more than her smile. (Sorry gentlemen, I blocked out her contact information and no, she is not single. So don’t ask me to hook you up!)

Anyway, there is a lot of preparation that must occur before a shoot. That is why I ask for about a month heads up before setting up a shoot. While this was a little last minute, all went well.

Good luck Alexa!


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