Competition… why I never enter – until now!

In the photography realm there are too many websites, too many professionals, and too many other photographers to contend with. Are you photos on this site or that site? Are you a member of this Facebook group or that Facebook group? So many things to consider when being online. I never wanted to be pigeon holed because I am a guy and I have a camera (pretty expensive equipment I might add).

I belong to the Professional Photographers Association and with that membership comes an International and Regional photography competition. As we all know, I love taking photos and have never felt a competition would ever validate my work. I will always stick to photography no matter what anyone else thinks of my work because it is an escape for me.

I belong to a wonderful Facebook group hosted by Captured Journeys Photography. The group is very active with posting work and providing critiques. Kelly and Kalina Schneider host a number of workshops of different genres to help us all grow as models, makeup artists, and photographers. We all learn and grow together assisting each other; a type of mentorship a lot of other groups lack and most of us need.

So, I speak about 2016 as the conundrum of staying with the business of photography or move on to something else. Kelly has been a key person in keeping me interested and now allowing me to fully quit. So, I attended a few workshops during 2016 to assist in my growth. Mastering light is not easy and always still a challenge along with posing.

In the group page, we were asked to select our three favorite images from workshops or shoots that Kelly hosted. Below are my three photos that I selected because of the amount of “likes” they received when they were posted.


The above image is Cyerria Fowler. A model I just met during that shoot. She has one of the best smiles an dispositions, that it was easy to capture this moment. This was a candid moment I captured and not a posed shot.


The above image was a special shoot, not scheduled, for a goth shoot.  I asked Kelly if he wouldn’t mind if an Efex artist, named Sarah Callan, came along and helped on this shoot. So, a talent so young could create such works of art is rare and she will definitely be someone worth following in the now.  Mariah Orr was the model in this shoot.  She has a unique look and very good with posing.


From the very same goth shoot, Samantha Jones modeled this headpiece.  Samantha is also a unique model in that she can pull off just about any look or genre of modeling.  Again, this image was not a posed image for me specifically, but one I captured as she was posing for another photographer.

I wish this photo was taken at Kelly’s workshops so I could submit it, but I have to go with the three above images.


….here are others throughout 2016 that I enjoyed photographing…







Just a few of my favorites that is.  More to come this year… I am sure of it.  Will you be part of this effort?


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