Last Wedding… of 2016?

In the midst of 2016, in my back and forth about being a photographer, I was commissioned to perform one last wedding.  This time, it would be between the former Miss Devon Rolle and Mr. Paul Mayton.  Now, there is always the one thing that attracts a photographer to take on specific jobs and this one had four of them; Mary Nissel-Rolle, Scott Rolle, Paul Mayton, and Devon Rolle.

April 24, 2016, two days before my birthday, I photographed these two love birds at Sach’s Covered Bridge in Gettysburg.  That is where they had their first date.  I met Paul, a Marine, who was like every other Marine I ever knew; quiet and reserved.  Not really someone who likes to smile, but I caught Devon making him smile a few times.


I tried to make their engagement session special and memorable.  I got in the water to get a lot of shots, which is not unusual for me to just hop in the water.  The area is beautiful and I suggest, whenever you have time to take a visit.  Take some food and just enjoy the surroundings.

Devon did her homework on what style of images she wished for me to capture during their session.  Affection came easy for these two.  It definitely restores your faith in chivalry, as he treated her with every bit of care and respect.  The two of them were very great about letting me photograph them and capture those moments.


On to September 17, 2016, which will also be remembered as my last stand; my last hoorah for weddings….of 2016.  Did I just leave the door open?  I am not positive, but I knew this one wedding would be special.  I asked my friend Kevin Mirable to assist on this wedding as I needed the assistance from different angles.  Kevin was very impressive and produced some high quality images.

Holly Hills country club was the determined location for the wedding.  I was able to photograph there previously helping out Mission of Mercy.  Jessica Miles had everything under control so I had no worries.  The setup would be tricky; as soon as the ceremony concluded, the staff at Holly Hills transformed that area of the club into a reception area nicely.


I was very lucky to have some photogenic ladies and gentlemen with this bridal party.  No one seemed nervous during this entire time either.  It was like it was just any other day.  I didn’t observe any stressing and definitely NOT a bridezilla, thank you Devon for that.  All the weddings I have been a part of, I have rarely had a bridezilla!  (When I worked for a company, I did have bridezillas!)  Devon was all smiles, everyone in her party was all smiles and couldn’t wait for this union to occur.


I could definitely tell the father of the bride was in the military (a recently promoted LTC) by the poise and posture of walking Devon down the aisle.  The most difficult task about photographing this wedding was not being in everyone’s field of view as she was walking down the aisle.  I didn’t have much space to work with.


Can you also tell the groom was prior service?  Look at the heel to the ground, left right left on that Marine.  Devon all smiles and Paul with military bearing.  I’m sure he was smiling inside.  Great guy!  He is not as serious as I am making him out to be.


The sunlight was setting for the day, but this spot was probably the best location for big groups of people without an overbearing sun in their face.  Of course, after these photos we took the bride and groom around Holly Hills amazing greens and grabbed a few shots.  This one being my favorite.


These two are pretty amazing together.  I believe any parent would be very lucky to have these two young adults in their life.  Good luck to the both of you and we are always here if you need us.  Thank you for being the last wedding… of 2016 at least.





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