Matt + Kimberly Maternity 2017

I met Matt and Kimberly from their wedding approximately 4 years ago.  While I didn’t truly meet them, I actually was a second shooter at their wedding.  They did all the decorating themselves for their wedding and made everything picture perfect.  They had a table at their wedding for SSgt. Charles Cartwright, which sealed my suspicions about these two being the real deal.


So, after some time had gone by and keeping in touch, the two of them finally asked me to take some photos of them.  This particular time was a special announcement.  In the photo above, you can see the two of them have two dogs (Molly and Delilah).  Those two are well behaved dogs and very friendly.  Okay, back on track….

September 2016, I took their announcement photos.  Keep in mind, I have not truly found my place in the photography world.  I may have taken some good photos along the way, but maternity was definitely not my cup of tea.  Matt brought his Chevy truck out and Kimberly made their “…coming March 2017” sign.  The truck was parked next to the tree he planted for her representing their love; his proposal tree, I’ll call it.


Together with their two dogs, they announced their pregnancy to the world…  Now, it is January of the new year and the little one is almost here.  The two of them have about two months to go, maybe less, before their bundle of joy arrives, but these two are definitely ready.


The two girls are protective of their mommy.  Matt is so full of smiles and Kimberly is doing so well.  The weather outside was a bit chilly for all of our liking, but we wanted to get some rustic shots in, so we all braved the cold.  Can you blame Kimberly and Matt for wanting to take their photos at the family farm?


These two made for each other…


I think there is no better location to show the heart of Frederick than on a farm.  This is where these two had their wedding, planted their tree, and now showcasing their new edition.  I cannot wait to see what is next for this growing family.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your story.



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