Making Photography Fun Again!

Sometime in 2016, I lost my interest in photography. Taking photographs, processing photographs, or anything to do with photography in general. I am not sure if there is a deeper meaning to this back and forth, but nevertheless, I continue to take photos. I asked a single pregnant mother if she would allow me to take photos of her and her daughter. I think at first she was reluctant, but whatever changed her mind, I am glad she chose me.


As you can see by the photo above, I ventured back to Culler Lake to take these Lauren’s maternity photos.  Lauren showed me photos and styles that interested her and we tried to make them unique in this session.  My wife was able to accompany on this effort and she did help me with lighting.  But, the day was overcast, so there wasn’t much lighting that could be reflected on the client.


The area around Culler Lake provides so much opportunity for backdrops.  The pine trees are the only trees that have any sense of a bloom because of the season.  So, it was all about angles to get some great backdrops in her photos.  I thought it was great that we worked well together to make the intent a great image.


The key to an image is lighting.  While we were posing inside of the covered bridge at Baker Park, it would appear dark, but having Lauren and her daughter low enough near the windows of the bridge, provided some great natural lighting.  And what a pair those two are; natural models.


It didn’t take long for Lauren’s daughter to get used to the camera.  Sometimes with children it is hit or miss.  But, I believe she cannot wait for the little one to come so she can be the best big sister.  Thank you two for being you and allowing me to make photography fun again.



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