Welcome to 2017 with Garth

Well, 2016 provided some ups and downs for many of us.  I had a business, then I didn’t have one and then I kind of kept photographing because, well, I do love to take photos.  So, the first shoot of 2017 is the man about town and his dog “Uzi”.  Also, his parents came in to town as well.  Hayden asked me to take a few shots of him, his dog and his parents as they were visiting for the weekend from Pennsylvania.

This provided me an opportunity to walk around Culler Lake since the renovation project.  Not to deviate too much from the purpose of this first blog, but the renovation project looks really nice and has become my new favorite backdrop.  It looks great in the winter time, I cannot wait to use it when the trees are in bloom and the fountain is flowing.


Back to Hayden and his parents.  It was a bit cold outside, but not too much.  The dogs definitely didn’t seem to mind, but I am sure Uzi was feeling it with his arthritis.  Uzi is every bit the center of attention anywhere he goes and has left his mark, literally and figuratively, on Frederick and her residents.  I believe Uzi has the most registered voters among ANY dog I have come in contact with.

The day was a bit of overcast, exactly what I expect on a winter day.  (No, there was no snow.)  Hayden was sporting his Maryland scarf that he purchased from RouteOne Apparel (www.routeoneapparel.com). I hear there are a lot of great items there to show Maryland pride.

Hayden’s parent’s dog was not so camera friendly as Uzi.  Apparently, the dog is not friendly period.  Hayden’s parents were great in this process.  I know most people do not like to have their photo taken, but I think they truly enjoyed these shots by the comments they made after I showed them on the back of the camera.  (Anything looks good on the back of that small screen.).


I am glad that I chose to get out of the house and take some photos.  If you stop doing something for so long, getting back into something can be a bit cumbersome.  I felt great being out there.  Thank you Hayden for allowing me to capture your family moments.


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